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Getting Organized to Move

Preparing For A Move In Bucks or Montgomery Counties: Organization Advice


Moving to a new home in Bucks and Montgomery County can be exciting, with organization, preparation and staggering the tasks involved, you can have as smooth a move as possible.


Two Months Before the Move: Preparation and Research


At this stage, you don’t want to do anything that will interfere with your daily life for the next two months while you are still living in your old place, but preparations can still be made.

  • Shop around getting estimates from different moving companies.


  • Organize  your budget to make sure you will have enough money for the move. Make a  list of expenses to cover, such as moving company, home repairs, a budget to book a home cleaning online and packing supplies and be sure to set aside more than enough to  cover the total.


  • Keep related paperwork organized in a file.  Copies of the rental or real estate agreement, moving company estimate and information, important phone numbers and related bills should be kept here, according to Swiftbonds.


  • Look through your house to collect anything you no longer want, and have a  garage sale or donate any excess belongings. The less you have to move, the less stress and money you will spend. Keep in mind how your current possessions and furniture will fit in your new home.


  • Research your new neighborhood and get familiar with where schools, grocery stores, doctors and anything else important to you is located.


  • Get a  “Change of Address” form from the PO, fill in your new address and send it in.


  • Finalize your rental agreements or real estate information.


One Month Before the Move: Notifying and Preparing Materials


Now it’s time to start notifying services and people about your move.

  • Contact friends to let them know your new address.


  • Contact the post office and set up mail forwarding.


  • Inform your bank, insurance company, government agencies, schools, doctors and dentists.


Select a moving company and book a day for the move. Gather moving materials including, boxes, foam, bubble wrap or other packing materials, tape and sharpie markers.


Make a list of any additional items you will need to get for packing up all of your belongings and make a point to buy them now.


Two – Three Weeks Before the Move: Memberships and Start Packing


Make a checklist of all of your local memberships or subscriptions that you need to transfer or cancel, such as:

  • Gym memberships


  • Library cards


  • Local club membership


  • Newspaper subscriptions


  • Give back items borrowed from friends and neighbors.


  • Cook meals that will use up what extra food you have.


  • Pack up items that you do not use regularly that won’t be missed in the next few weeks such as decorations, rarely-used dishes, clothes and keepsakes.

One Week Before the Move: Utilities, Packing and Cleaning

Call the utilities companies to start the process of canceling or transferring your services. Create a list of the companies with phone number and account information for each. Note the date that you call, and keep this list organized in your moving file. Here’s some companies to start with, electric, water, telephone/Internet/television, gas company and alarm system.


It’s now time when you should plan to do the bulk of the packing in order to have time to clean.

  • Label boxes clearly with their contents, whether they are fragile, and what room they will go in to help stay organized in transit and while unpacking.


  • Pack your important belongings, paperwork, jewelry, etc. in one box to take with you so it doesn’t get lost.


  • Leave out  only things that you need to use daily.

Clean your house thoroughly, try to leave it like you found it (or better!)

  • Clean each room thoroughly as you finish packing


  • Hire a cleaning service if you prefer help with this Steam-clean the carpets.


  • Drain oil and fuel from tools and vehicles.


  • Mow the lawn and trim the hedges or bushes, and cancel lawn services if that applies.

Last 24 Hours Before the Move
Pack the final items, and your bag of personal effects for during the moving process. Empty and defrost the refrigerator. Confirm that everything is on schedule with the movers and have money handy to pay them.

With a bit of organization, moving should go well, and you will be settled in your new home in no time!

Paul Benjamin is a District Manager at, EZ Storage, http://www.ezmini.com/self-storage-philadelphia-pennsylvania.aspx, or http://www.ezmini.com/self-storage-montgomery-philadelphia-pennsylvania.aspx,  a self storage company serving the Philadelphia area for over 40 years.



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