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Rydel Interiors Educating Home Sellers in Bucks & Montgomery to View their home through a “Buyers Eye”

Rydel Interiors helps home owner’s view their homes in Bucks & Montgomery objectively when




Why is it when people are selling their homes they usually don’t see it as a product for sale?  I have seen so many homes online that could look so much better and attract more buyers who will be willing to pay for it’s worth; yet when I talk to the agent they usually say the sellers don’t want to do anything and the house sits on the market with price drops…


When selling your home you need to see the home as an investment in order to look at it objectively. When the decision to move is made it is time to switch gears, while you can still hold onto all the memories of living there, but know that to get the most return on the homes investment it is now time to start packing.


In addition to the home being in good repair it must appeal to most buyers.  Would you sell your car without getting it detailed and spruced up? Most likely not, you would want it to look its best so the potential buyers would know it was well maintained and loved. That is what home staging does it gives the buyer a vision of what it could be like for them to live there.


Staging as the initial step in listing a home will help it sell faster and for more money. Working with a professional HSR certified home stager can take the pressure off the seller as well as the agent freeing them up to market and show the home.  We are trained in how to show the sellers to view their home through a buyers eye. It’s more than just clearing off clutter, the home has to have emotional connections that buyers can relate to and say this feels like home. It is hard for potential buyers to visualize past other peoples life styles and choices;  I am there to walk the seller through the process and get them excited about the results.  People don’t buy houses they buy “homes”.


For more information on how we at Rydel Interiors can help you get your Bucks & Montgomery home ready for sale call 215-822-3602.



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I really like my office so much better and the little room has become my favorite in the whole house! Thanks so much for helping me to create not only livable but lovable space! DM
We love our family room redesign, you took it from dark and dreary to warm inviting. RR
"Claudia has wonderful solutions! Check out Rydel Interiors" PW
"Claudia has a great sense of design, along with great work ethics" CF
After our kids moved out, my husband and I had an opportunity to do a lot of rearranging in our old Victorian farmhouse. But I had no idea where to start. Fortunately, Claudia and her talents came to my rescue. She helped me turn my cluttered, furniture-filled office into a breathable and amazingly pleasing workspace. But she didn’t stop there! She also turned an adjoining room into an inviting oasis where the writing muse welcomes me each day. And all of this was done well within my limited budget! Thanks, Claudia, for making what seemed impossible a reality! DM
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