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Why Home Staging Works & How to prepare your home for sale

Home Staging Benefits in Bucks & Montgomery Counties and why it works:


  • Effective Home Staging requires a certain amount of de-personalizing and re-decorating of the seller’s home to increase the appeal of the home for most potential buyers. This is NOT a personal disregard of the seller’s décor but in actuality has to do with the psychological studies proving that buyers need to be able to envision themselves and their possessions in the home. A home that is too taste-specific and personalized just makes it more difficult for the buyer to see themselves in the home. Think model home!


  • Addresses potential objections buyers may have.  Rydel Interiors does an extensive assessment including curb appeal (front and back) and helps the sellers to make the changes needed to get the home sold, including adding emotional connection points that help buyers to “feel this is home”!


  • Paint (if painting is necessary or to taste specific), choices to accentuate and compliment the fixed elements of the home such as flooring, cabinets, counter tops, and fireplaces.  Creating a cohesive, appealing move in ready home! Incorrect paint colors can be worse than not painting…


  • Staging before the home is listed will ensure the online photos attract more buyers by showing the size, purpose, function and features of each room!


  • Unstaged homes help to sell the competition.


  • Vacant staging helps to accent the homes features and functions, while showing buyers how furniture will fit, often making the rooms look bigger.


  • Why Rydel Interiors?  My expertise is starting with what the owners have and love and creating style and function.   For homes that are almost there, I can do a working consult with the owners and together we can get it done in one visit so it can get it listed ASAP. I work with all budgets and make dramatic changes while staging to the market and demographic of the homes location.


What you can do to prepare your home for sale in Bucks & Montgomery Counties and why:


  • Your home is an investment – when selling remember to get the most return for your investment you need to disassociate yourself from your home.


  • Start packing – By removing things you won’t be using in the near future, it will help show each rooms size. Potential buyers want to see room size/features not your furnishings.  Rent storage space if necessary.


  • Declutter & Depersonalize – donate, give away or get rid of unused items so buyers can focus on your home not your things, which can be distracting.


  • Each room needs to show its purpose –buyers need to identify what the room is used for, and be able to picture themselves living there. **


  • Fix anything that is broken or not working – buyers do not want to have to make repairs and will assume a higher cost to repairs in addition to thinking what else may be wrong with the home.


  • Paint – when was the last time you painted each room?  If more than 5 years and if the colors are too specific to your taste you need to paint.  Again buyers will add a much higher cost for painting and you may lose potential buyers. Rydel Interiors can assist you in choosing colors to accentuate your homes fixed items (floors, cabinets etc.)


  • Clean thoroughly, hire a professional to clean make sure the entire house sparkles, including windows and carpets.  Buyers will think the home is neglected when they see spotted carpets etc.


  • Hire a home stager – ** Rydel Interiors will stage each room showing its function and style, attracting more buyers and getting it sold faster.




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I really like my office so much better and the little room has become my favorite in the whole house! Thanks so much for helping me to create not only livable but lovable space! DM
We love our family room redesign, you took it from dark and dreary to warm inviting. RR
"Claudia has wonderful solutions! Check out Rydel Interiors" PW
"Claudia has a great sense of design, along with great work ethics" CF
After our kids moved out, my husband and I had an opportunity to do a lot of rearranging in our old Victorian farmhouse. But I had no idea where to start. Fortunately, Claudia and her talents came to my rescue. She helped me turn my cluttered, furniture-filled office into a breathable and amazingly pleasing workspace. But she didn’t stop there! She also turned an adjoining room into an inviting oasis where the writing muse welcomes me each day. And all of this was done well within my limited budget! Thanks, Claudia, for making what seemed impossible a reality! DM
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